Thriving Qld Kids Partnership: enabling systems leadership for child wellbeing

Mr Michael Hogan1

1Thriving Queensland Kids Partnership, Brisbane, Australia, 2ARACY, Canberra, Australia, 3Centre for Justice, QUT, Brisbane, Australia


Most Australian children thrive; but too many do not.  There is a pronounced and stubborn gap in key indicators in low socio-economic communities, with a huge resulting costs to individuals, families and communities, and our society and economy as a whole. This is demonstrated in a host of reports.  Australia has generally robust systems, but they have not proved effective in shifting the dial in or breaking inter-generational cycles of disadvantage.

A key proposition in this presentation is that a key contributor is the immaturity of outcomes-oriented and integrative systems-‘architecture’ to enable systems leadership, effective and balanced investment, family and community capacity, workforce capability, holistic responses and ‘right-servicing’. Importantly, this is not so much a knowledge problem – i.e. ‘what’ to do and ‘why’ – but one of mandate, design, coordination, investment and implementation – i.e. ‘will’ and ‘how’.


The presentation will utilise the insight of systems leaders, researchers, innovators and influencers, the work of institutional and professional collaborators, and the learnings and guidance available from systems change-making in other jurisdictions and sectors.

In particular, the presentation will draw from two recently initiated projects:

  • The joint ANZSOG/EveryChild project Systems Leadership for Child Well-being, which involves engaging systems leaders from government, community, philanthropic and tertiary sectors about opportunities and barriers to transformational change.
  • The ARACY-convened Thriving Queensland Kids Partnership, initiated in March 2020 that launched in September 2020. The Partnership is seeking to connect, catalyse and amplify systems and community level innovation and change.

The presentation will reflect on the use of data, such as from the AEDC, in systems change.


The presentation will canvass early learnings from the ANZSOG/EveryChild project and the Thriving Qld Kids Partnership.


The presentation will canvass directions for systems approaches to improving child wellbeing



Michael Hogan is the Convenor of the Thriving Qld Kids Partnership, a coalition of government, non-government, tertiary and corporate bodies committed to enabling Queensland children to thrive, and to disrupting disadvantage. Michael is also co-chair of the ARACY Great 2 Eight Research Governance Group, and an Adjunct Professor at the Queensland University of Technology. Michael is a former Director-General in the Queensland Government, and has worked in government and non-government organisations in public policy, community development and human services for over 35 years.