The Waverly Community Skills 4 Kids Café

Ms Sherridan Emery1, Danielle Watkins2

1Neyg, Launceston, Australia, 2The Smith Family, Launceston, Australia


The Waverley Community Skills 4 Kids Café, funded through a grant from the AEDC, was created to bring together members of the Waverley community to support the development of its young people. By providing community members of all ages with the tools and confidence to share skills with children about healthy food, physical activity, arts and story-telling – all in a café-style environment – Waverley’s children would in turn see improvements in language development and physical health and wellbeing- two of the AEDC domains.

The new physical distancing requirements of the Covid-19 era meant that the organisation behind the Skills 4 Kids Café, the Northern Early Years Group (NEYG) together with the project team from the school, had to find new ways to support children in the Waverley community. From here, the idea of “cooking boxes” came to life. These bundles of food, including pantry basics purchased through the grant, fresh produce (from Waverley Primary School’s community garden and Second Bite), and recipes provide families with the supplies needed to cook together at home, whilst in lockdown. The project team kept a focus on the outcomes of the project when faced with the decision of how to respond to the new conditions brought about by coronavirus.


Sherridan Emery (PhD) is a Research Assistant at the Peter Underwood Centre at the University of Tasmania and the Deputy Chair of Northern Early Years Group (Tasmania). Sherridan researches across a range of university, school and community-based research collaborations.  Her PhD project explored the concept of cultural wellbeing, through an investigation of teachers’ perspectives of cultural wellbeing in classroom communities.