The Flourishing Physical Child (FPC): a Tasmanian community-based, community-led action research project

A/Prof. Megan Gibson1, Mr Trevor Brown2, Mr Leigh Oates3

1QUT, Brisbane, Australia, 2Gowrie Training and Consultancy, Hobart, Australia, 3wayraparattee Child and Family Centre , Geeveston, Australia


The Flourishing Physical Child (FPC): a community-based, community-led action research project applied an action research design, where collaboration and ownership has enabled the creation of a unique community action plan. This plan was initiated in response to the physical health & wellbeing domain of the AEDC (and indirectly to all other AEDC developmental domains) and with close alignment with the local council Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

The presentation shares the compelling story of how community members from organisations working with children birth through to eight years, came together with parents to engage in a four-month action research project to activate change within the community. Working from a strengths base there was careful attention to the diversity of opportunities within the community and new possibilities that could be created, captured within a unique, community owned action plan. This plan lays the foundations for ongoing, sustained change for children’s physical health and wellbeing within this community.


An Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education, Queensland University of Technology, Megan Gibson is a respected researcher in her field.  Her background as an early childhood educator, with experience in leadership positions, coalescence with her teaching and research to shape an impactful program of research on attracting, preparing and retaining the early childhood workforce. Megan is passionate about working with communities, from the ground up, to bring about change for children and their families.