The 2020 Tasmanian Kindergarten Development Check results, and what it might mean for the 2021 AEDC results

Dempsey, M.1,

1Tasmanian Department of Education, Hobart, AUSTRALIA

Kindergarten students in Tasmanian Government schools are assessed twice annually by teachers against the Kindergarten Development Check (KDC), which involved screening against 21 developmental markers in the areas of Gross Motor Skills; Fine Motor Skills; Personal and Social Behaviour; Listening, Speaking and Understanding; and Cognitive Development.
The KDC was last conducted in October 2020 for all government school students (4 years old as at 1 January 2020), and results from the screening may offer some insights into the impact of COVID-19 on developmental milestones, and indicate 2021 AEDC outcomes.
This presentation will:
• outline the changes in the KDC over time, in particular in 2020
• explore some of the risk and protective factors shown in the results, and
• outline some of the supporting activities now occurring in Tasmanian schools to support students, educators and families to transition to the first year of full-time schooling (5 years old as at 1 January 2021)

The Kindergarten Development Check markers add a more specific lens through which teachers can observe children’s development to ensure that progress is occurring in an age-appropriate way.
Early identification will assist in:
• formalising intervention processes within schools and across the Learning Services
• longitudinal tracking of students, and in particular, transient students at the school, Learning Services and system level
• providing entry level data for the continuous student record.

Michael Dempsey is the Manager of Early Years Research and Data in the Tasmanian Department of Education. He has been involved in the Early Childhood Education and Care data collection and research since 2009, with a focus on gaining policy and practice insights through data linkage to remove systemic barriers.

Michael is the Tasmanian representative on the AEDC National Committee.