AEDC informing policy development, implementation and evaluation

Dr Caroline Croser-Barlow1

1Department for Education, South Australia


The vision for South Australia is a state where the conditions exist for all children and young people to thrive.* The South Australian Department for Education is currently developing a 10 year Early Learning Strategy. The strategy recognises the importance of supporting children’s learning from birth and that there are a range of factors at family, community and government levels that impact this.

To date strategy planning and design has been heavily informed by AEDC data and this will continue into the implementation and evaluation stages.

AEDC data has been critical in supporting the identification of current strengths and issues within the SA early learning arena and is an important element of our nuanced exploration of these. Work to date has reinforced the persuasive value of AEDC data across a wide range of audiences and for a range of policy purposes from government, to key agencies, local government, and communities.

* taken from the CDC Outcomes Framework page 5



Dr. Caroline Croser-Barlow is currently the Executive Director, Early Years and Child Development at the Department for Education. Caroline has experience in the public service across a range of policy areas, including education, climate change, environment, and social policy. Her current role involves leading a division that oversee a range of policies, programs and services for the participation, engagement and learning achievement for all children and young people, in particular those experiencing challenges to their inclusion.